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“HUG Detroit Day” was founded in 2013 by Nicole (Sky Covington) Freeman, CEO of Nicole Freeman Management and co-founded by Sheila Everette-Hale, CEO of LEEP (Linking Everyday EXTRAORDINARY People) and Everette’s Natural Beauty School, Inc. It is the vision of Sky Covington and Sheila Everette-Hale who shared their desire and passion to take one day out of the year to literally HUG Detroit and its people.  We want to show appreciation for the inspiring accomplishments of this great city and the people therein … to thank those who stayed here through the storm and those who came to help us rise above and excel as we create a New Detroit and new ways of being and doing things together. 


Sky Covington’s concept, “Let’s get back to the days of hugs and handshakes,” comes from a place and time when people made an effort to give a hug or handshake, just out of love and respect for their neighbor or friend. 

For interviews and more information please contact Nicole Freeman at 248-383-3385 or Sheila Hale at 313-527-2884, or Woodbridge Pub 5169 Trumbull 313.462.4754 email us at and visit us at .

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