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  • Sponsors / partners / ads/

  • Entertainment

  • flyers, email blasts, FB, etc.

  • Grand Blvd. promo 

  • Vendors

  • Sound for 2 stages

  • volunteers

  • tables, chairs, portapotties, (4) bikes/scooters, 2 stages

  • bookbags distributed in Vanguard - controlled environment, maaged by Sr. Citizens and an indoor area for Seniors to get out of heat.  Have water and fruit free for them.  They must order online. Onsite orders online at event.  

  • Corner entertainment draw ... on Hastings & GB.  Vanguard is it up with decor

  • All day give aways from stores and businesses

  • Trash bings

  • Hire photographer (2) 



  • Family Fun & Games

  • Register your child's book bag & school supplies

  • Ask stores to donate book bags & school supplies in December

  • Ask the businesses in the area to do the same or even $10 vouchers to help w/shoes and uniforms.  Make a deal with particular stores for a great deal.  Can only be used to purchase school shoes and uniforms.  Or a coat company.

  • Add pick-up time selections as well

  • All U Can Eat Pancake contest & The BEST Pancake Chef

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